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The Women’s Health Initiative Study and the One Million Women Study showed that through the administration of the usual hormone preparations for the treatment of complaints associated with menopause, the probability of breast cancer, thromboses, strokes and cardiovascular disease will to some extent be increased.

For millions of women the question of alternatives to the usual artificial and animal hormones used in classical hormone therapy may arise.

Here phytoestrogens offer considerable potential. According to numerous studies these substances of plant origin show a variety of characteristics, as the hormones used up to now in hormone replacement therapy feature, without the phytoestrogens having their side effects.

Phytoestrogens are effective against
  • Complaints associated with menopause
Their potential is also highlighted in the prevention of
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Cardiac infarction
  • Stroke and
  • Cancer, in particular breast cancer
Localised evidence for the effect of phytoestrogens is, for example, found in the countries of Asia where phytoestrogens are present to a high extent in the diet and menopause-related complaints and breast cancer occur less often than, for example in Europe.

In western industrialised countries the supply of phytoestrogens through the diet is as a rule barely possible. Thus a broad area of application for phytoestrogen-enriched products in the food / health food, cosmetics and medicinal areas, tailored to the needs of the woman, results.

NIC supplies its clients with phytoestrogens in the form of enriched extracts or pure substances optimally prepared for numerous purposes, thereby making available for manufacturers innovative products in a market with first-class prospects.

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