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Our motivation – New active ingredients pharmaceutical, active ingredients cosmetics

Research into natural products has received new impetus in recent years, which rests on the discovery of a host of biogenic active ingredients, some with outstanding effectiveness potential against a variety of serious diseases, particularly in the area of civilisation diseases.

While classic phytotherapy brings the healing power of an entire plant or parts of plants into a therapy, the spectacular results seen from time to time in the last decade are attributable particularly to the effect of biogenic pure substances in which the classical school medicine model of “substance and effect” is realised.

This knowledge makes possible a new view of natural products and opens an entirely new dimension of health applications:
  • biogenic substances can supplement our diet when, due to mass production, it lacks essential nutrients,
  • biogenic substances make possible cosmetics with outstanding care and protection potential,
  • biogenic substances can form the basis of preparations and medicines which, if slightly behind their synthetic counterparts in effectiveness from a preventative and healing viewpoint, often possess considerably fewer side effects.
We are standing at the beginning of a development, the goal of which are products with a natural basis, which can prevent or combat even serious diseases, enhance vitality and quality of life and increase life expectancy. Already today products can be realised which are aimed in this direction.