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Our Reference Substances – Standards for research, development and quality assurance

We deliver the indicator substances as reference substances with all our extracts thereby enabling our clients to carry out qualified, independent quality assurance. We also isolate pure substances in accordance at the request of the customer.

Evidence of identity and assays of all our reference substances take place using the most modern and efficient spectroscopic and chromatographic methods.

You will receive from us upon request all the reference substances with extensive documentation.

In the following is an extract from what we offer in reference substances. Many of our substances are in stock or can be isolated at short notice. Our offer is growing continuously – please contact us.

List of reference substances (As of 01.11.2005):
Item-Nr. Substance
109 Adhumulon
112 Adlupulon
912 Agnuside
911 Aesculin
915 Biapigenin
901 Californidine
906 Capsaicin
907 Casticin
108 Cohumulon
111 Colupulon
903 Curcumin
113 Cycloisoxanthohumol
106 Cycloxanthohumol
104 Desmethylxanthohumol
905 Ellagsäure
909 Epicatechin
910 Genistein
107 Humulon
916 Hyperosid
102 Isoxanthohumol
914 Isoquercitin
908 Kämpferol
110 Lupulon
105 6-Prenylnaringenin
103 8-Prenylnaringenin
904 Resveratrol
902 Quercetin
913 Vitexin
101 Xanthohumol

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