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Hop Extracts

NIC offers a comprehensive range of special extracts and specifically hop extracts for breweries.

We extract aroma hops and bitter hops in a gentle, conservative manner by using natural alcohol. Our ethanol hop extracts can be adjusted to alpha concentrations from 30 to 50% and offer excellent bitter properties and finest hop flavour. They are added during the boiling of the wort kettle and are suited to replace hop or hop pallets completely or partially.

To gain our extracts we use solely German hop. Our close contacts to quality oriented hop farmers ensure that only best raw materials are used for our processes. Our know-how, our quality and hygiene system as well as our experienced production staff guarantee that brewers receive premium class ethanol hop extracts.

We supply large and small breweries worldwide and provide to our customers the opportunity to close perennial contracts based on especially favourable conditions. NIC is happy to fulfil the requirements of its customers regarding specific hop varieties or alpha concentrations. We supply hop extracts rich on flavonoids and give advice to our customers on how to apply it. If you have any special request regarding the size of the trading unit: We can provide you with any size in the range of 1 kg can up to 200 kg barrels.

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