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The following legal points form the basis of, and are prerequisite to, any use of this web site. All users of the N.I.C. – Nookandeh Institut für Naturstoffchemie GmbH – hereafter N.I.C. – web site declare their express agreement with the statements made here on data storage, disclaimer of liability, copyright, trade mark rights, as well as viewing and downloads.

Data storage

Personal data on users of this site are collected, stored and processed for the sole purpose of processing user's requests. Any further evaluation of user's requests for statistical purposes is done anonymously.

Disclaimer of liability

This web site is expressly aimed at interested parties from industry, trade and research facilities and makes available information on N.I.C. and its product programme. The information provided here does not constitute product consultation or medical or pharmaceutical consultation. Furthermore, the information provided here neither constitutes a guarantee of particular product characteristics, nor a guarantee of suitability of our products for specific applications.

The contents of this web site were carefully compiled and are regularly checked and, if necessary, updated. Even so, N.I.C. and other companies or service providers associated with the realisation of this web site cannot accept any liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this web site or the use of the information provided in this web site. In particular, no liability is accepted for the proffered information's accuracy, completeness and how up to date it is.

Statements are made on this web site on future developments, expressing N.I.C.'s expectations. Just as with all prognoses, the risk also adheres to these statements, that they will possibly not be realised or not realised fully. Therefore, no liability will be accepted for statements made on the future.

Insofar as references are made on this web site to other web sites, or links are provided to other web sites, the N.I.C. distances itself as a preventative measure from all statements made therein. No liability is accepted for information made available on these sites.


The contents of this web site are protected by copyright. N.I.C. permits the viewing and storing of the contents of this web site, insofar as this is done only in the context of gathering information on N.I.C. or its products. The reproduction, translation or any form of processing of the contents or parts of the contents presented here is, however, forbidden without written permission from N.I.C. A link to this web site is permitted if it is made absolutely clear to the visitors of the site on which the link is located that by clicking on it they are switching to the N.I.C. web site, and if the webmaster of the page on which the link is placed informs us.

Trade mark rights

Even if indications of possible protective rights are not present, this does not mean that they are not implemented for trade marks, logos, or other protected terms used on this web site. The use of all trade marks and logos registered by N.I.C. is prohibited, in particular for third parties.

Viewing and Download

No liability will be accepted for damage or resultant damage caused by the viewing or storage of this web site on other IT systems.