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"Our" Saarland – An optimal location not only for us

Where is the optimal location for a company where an innovative idea doesn’t just remain an idea? Where innovation-friendliness is not a hollow term but where thoughts and actions are innovation-friendly. And where company founders are taken seriously – by politics, promotion of trade and financiers.

Saarland is just such a place. Within the context of far reaching change, the orientation has moved away from the coal and steel industry and the signals have been clearly set toward the future. Courageous reforms and consistent modernisation in many areas has led to Saarland today being an attractive and dynamic commercial hub with ideal prerequisites for technology-oriented companies and newly established businesses.

For us, Saarland, situated on the edge of Germany but in the heart of Europe, was the right location from the beginning – and an extremely appealing one to boot – because of the place and the people and the way they live and enjoy life.